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Women's 2s 2 - 1 Holcombe 1s (H)

3rd October 2023

By Charlotte Calnan

Underdogs come from behind to defeat Holcombe Women’s 1s in a stunning 2-1 victory

Coming off the back of a 6-1 win last weekend, Surbiton Women’s 2s were calm and focused on Saturday.

With a solid week of training under our belt, coupled with a Fulker-special pre-match PowerPoint presentation… we were ready to go.

In the first quarter, the Surbiton ladies started strong, with commendable efforts on target coming from Hannah Denison, Izzy Young and Noa Armelin. Each somehow denied by what can only be described as once in a generation saves.

Despite a solid start, it was Holcombe who scored first. However, we held steady, with Amber Walton (POM) in goal preventing Holcombe from making it 2-0 on plenty of occasions.

At half time, we knew if we just “stick to the plan” the goals would come.  And two did! Sadly… both disallowed… so with one quarter to go we were still 1-0 down.

However, the underdogs came out to play in the last 15, scoring one penalty stroke and stunning strike from Amie Hunt not long after (Josie Hippe with the assist).

In the final minutes, we did what dogs do best and saw the game out with steady heads.

The Women’s 2s finish 2-1 and are top of the league going in to week three.

More from us next week, but until then, it’s back to the kennel.

Scorers: Charlotte Calnan (PS) & Amie Hunt (FG)

Charlotte Calnan's (22) penalty stroke kickstarted the W2 comeback (Image: Katrin Hippe)