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Vintage 1 - 2 Southgate Magnums (H)

14th November 2023

By Rob Dunn

Team: Kotze (GK), Bishop, V Kumar, Dunn (C), Molloy, Silverleaf, S Green, Abdulla, Powdrell, Curry, Paterson, Waller, Sharpe

Scorer: Sharpe

Umpires: Andrew Wingfield and Richard Eley - many thanks

It’s Monday morning, and I can hardly walk! “Nothing new there”, I hear you say. “What do you expect at your age?” After over 50 years playing hockey, I’m well aware that a little stiffness is to be expected on a Monday morning, but this is more serious. I really am having trouble walking. I did something to my knee in the dying minutes of the game. I remember getting blasted from point blank range on the big toe joint of my left foot, but how come my knee is so sore and barely able to weight bear? Hopefully, it’ll get better soon. Fingers crossed that I won’t join the ever-increasing ranks of injured Over 60s players in my squad.

What of the game? It was amazing we actually managed to raise a side with 13 players unavailable (only seven injured). But we did, and, with three former Club Captains, and the current President in our ranks we took to the field on a pleasant autumn day.

It was a very enjoyable game, which we should have at least have drawn, and probably really should have won. Having conceded two well taken goals early on in the first half, we managed to get our act in gear and moved the ball around quite well, creating a number of chances…. which we failed to convert!

We turned around two down, but finally managed to put the ball in the back of the net after some sustained pressure resulted in Sharpey scoring a rare goal (he’s normally to be found at the back). The Gate started to look a bit shaky, and we had a lifted shot cleared off the line. Minor controversy ensued as most of the Vintage players thought the ball had crossed the line, but the Southgate boys were adamant that it hadn’t, and the umpire gave them the benefit of the doubt. We accepted the decision with good grace, and didn’t let it spoil the game.

Sadly, the elusive equaliser didn’t materialise, and we adjourned to the clubhouse for an excellent tea and a very sociable session in the bar. Much reminiscing and swapping tales of our misspent youths probably did enough for most of us to put up with the few days of aching bodies and want to come back next week. Oh yes. The Southgate boys were asking after Paddy (Tripp) and so we agreed we need to take the old chap out to lunch before Christmas.