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Sirens 0 - 0 Cheam 3s (A)

2nd October 2023

By Jo Moores

For our second league match of the season we were away at the Tiffin Beach. Having assessed the playing conditions in warm up we sensed that the drifts of sand would slow the ball, potentially give us some strength against the young legs of any opposition colts, but we were wary not to be dragged into a running race of surf-vival of the fishest.

With a full shoal including substitutes we were certainly not feeling crabby, with Cheam taking the first push back.

The match was full of oppor-tuna-ties at both ends, with strong defensive strategies, and Kate’s support into the second quarter of the pitch, along with strong clearances earning her a well-deserved POM. Some long passes, long runs, good connections but sadly no shots into the goal, despite our channelling of coach Tarek’s recent strategies – crabbing to get ourselves out of a tight corner, and reverse hits to try to catch our opponents off guard.

The sun came out, warming our cockles but the glare off the sand didn’t distract us. We kept pushing and pushing with a sense of urgen-sea even into the dying tide but sadly the game was to end nil-nil.

No one did anything worthy of the Buzz Award, and as there were no match teas available, and no one had brought any sand-wiches, we contented ourselves with some well-earned orange and sultana cake to close off a sun-seas-ional day.