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Sparticans 2 - 0 Cobras

23rd January 2023

By Simon Fitch

Scorer: Grant, K (2)

Derby day beckoned at Sugden Road on Saturday with the keenly awaited Division 5 rematch. The Sparticans, aided by the return of the GOAT Gaffer, made a bright start and created a number of unfortunately unconverted chances. A keenly contested first half became a little more open before Fitchy intercepted a clearance, and passed to Kev who dispatched the ball into the backboard with customary oomph.

Having taken the lead, the Sparticans again struggled to convert possession, much of which was inspired by Matt Sutton, Spartican of the Day, into goals, goals, goals against a Cobras backline who tackled and intercepted well. Eventually, though, loan signing Jeremy from the Mongooses carried the ball to the baseline, squared to Kev who once again rifled home.

2-0 up at half time, and the chat was mainly around continuing the good work and converting when possible. We started the second period brightly, though Save It Lee did eventually have a touch after Dan’s Moment of The Match winning back pass, and we could have added a couple of goals. It was clear, however, that the pitch was becoming dangerously frozen and umpires Parker and Haycroft, who had controlled proceedings well throughout, rightly brought a halt to the game considerably earlier than hoped.

It turns out that short form hockey has unforeseen benefits. After debriefing over the best match teas this season, we adjourned to the club’s pool table for a lengthy session with various families, and found out that Steve is a bit of a hustler – maybe he was best rested after missing the game. By the time we meandered home, it was another happy Saturday and the game’s truncation was well forgotten.

We have another home game next week, as second play third in the league with OCs visiting us at 3.10pm. Readers are very welcome to join our increasing fan base. Please bring shovels/salt/hot water if you do as we’ll hopefully be back to 70 minutes on the pitch next week.