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Sparks 2 - 1 Spencer 4s (A)

4th December 2023

By Ruth Fraser

The week had been cold and on Friday night, the temperature dropped to -2. The Sparkles did think there was a slight chance the game would be cancelled. But Emily had been in touch with the Spencer captain throughout the week and had an FaceTime call on Saturday morning to demonstrate that the pitch was ready for play.

Our arrival at Spencer was at around 9.15am for the 10.00am game. Although the pitch was hard, there was no frost. We were down to 12 players which meant not too much subbing, so we all keep warm. With the exception of our one supporter, Laura. Thank you for your support! 

We had a great warm-up and were ready to get another win under our belt. But five or ten minutes in, we saw Spencer score to make it 1-0. That perked us all up and the ball started doing the talking. We played a lot of triangle passes up the pitch, had some excellent runs and aerials, and earned a penalty corner. Courtney was top of the D and scored a strike, giving us a 1-1 score. There was some back and forth between both sides during the remainder of the half, but I would say we had a largely dominant position.

A quick half time and some standard Jelly Babies and we were off to a good second half, lots of beautiful play from the back and some superb aerials and distribution from Jess.

The ball was built from the back to the right hand side of the pitch, and Lisa's slapped hit lifted it slightly into the back of the goal, giving us a 2-1 lead. The Sparkles maintained their composure and worked together as a team until the whistle blew at the end. Great work Sparkles!

POM: Jess for her excellent play

DOD: Ruth for having a hangover