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Sparks 1 - 3 London Wanderers 2s (H)

9th October 2023

By Chantelle Farrell

First half: The match started strong from the Sparks. There was silky passing, numerous circle entries and some lovely triangle play between the lines of the team. An early goal from Mana meant morale was high and the team were playing with confidence. The team pressed the opposition’s goalkeeper knocking on the door for the second.

Second half: Unfortunately that didn’t last past the half way mark. The team started a bit sleepily which the opposition took full advantage of. Lisa got a bit Irish and turned her game into rugby for ten minutes and surprisingly no cards were shown. Wanderers scored to equalise. 1-1. The opposition showed no signs of letting up and scored a controversial second goal. The Sparks came back into the game showing signs of improvement. The circle entries and short corners were plentiful however the ball couldn’t seem to find its way into the net. Another break from Wanderers and another goal.

3-1 loss.

Onwards and upwards we go Sparkles!

POM: Mana

DOD: Chantelle