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Sparks 1 - 2 Tulse Hill & Dulwich 2s (H)

11th December 2023

By Sunny Pottay

Once again the Sparks started in the usual fashion, piling the pressure on by passing and moving the ball to gain numerous circle entries, only to watch the ball zoom across goal or be saved at that darn left post!

Against the run of play, THD won a short corner and capitalised from it, giving them a 1-0 lead.

The team lifted themselves to continue to play some slick hockey, with Saya eliminating players with her devastating skills to release the forwards ahead of her. Teamwork soon paid off with a wonderfully crafted goal through Lisa, Lianne and a cheeky tap in from Helen in front of goal, receiving it from the left by the penalty spot.

With a positive half time vibe and talk from captain Emily, we started with intention. The midfield and forwards worked hard to press and get back to defend when THD countered fast. Although Lisa was often found floating and setting a press of her own, which no one was privy to.

THD won another corner and yet again put the ball in the back of the net, getting bodies in front of the left post and pouncing on the rebound… 2-1.

Maya supported the defence playing on the right, making darting runs and on most occasions, Charlotte sent balls that split the THD press in the hope of another goal to keep up our win rate. The last 15 minutes saw us panic, with some scruffy play. Sunny wondered what all the fuss was about (thinking the score was 2-2!).

The team continued to push hard and high though it wasn’t our day.

Shout out to Val and Simon for keeping the game running smoothly, looking splendid in their new umpire shirts. 

POM - Saya for her brilliance and runs down the pitch.

DOD - Sunny for thinking we were 2-2!