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SHC Sloths 4 - 0 Epsom O35s (A)

31st October 2023

By Charlotte Gallagher

It was a weekend of changeable weather and having turned up in the pouring rain to which, 'Shall we go for Sunday lunch?' seemed like a really good suggestion we were treated to some lovely sunny weather for the game. We were treated to being cheered on by the hooting Wendy Beaney and managed ably by Sophie Beaney (I think you've gained a job) and started brightly with some very slick passing.

Surbiton were quickly dominant and very un-sloth like (I was on the sideline). It was a day when we could have queued up to try to put the ball in the back of the net and imagine my surprise when one of the best early chances fell to full back, Sinead, who then had a second and third chance in quick succession but alas, she will have to wait for her 2023 season goal. We didn't have to wait long until the ball was moved at pace and fell to Pia to put away convincingly for the first goal.

Much of the first half remained a story of nearly but not quite until Helen did a Helen special - ran half the length of the pitch and smashed the ball in. Celebrate, dribble, repeat for the third goal.

To sum up the rest of the game: We had a LOT of short corners but almost no shots from them, that had to be some sort of record. We hit the post four times. We had three shots saved off the line by various body parts but no PS awarded. Sinead tried four new things, none of which worked. Their goalkeeper made 20 excellent saves. Fee got higher and higher up the pitch until only Annie and Jane were left in our half. Helen hit the ball harder and harder trying to score that elusive third (that Golden Stick battle will be tight). Until finally Bex moved the ball up the right, slipped it across goal for Emma to score her debut goal - the genuine highlight of the second half... Cue the hooter.... 

We move into the cup games, Surbiton O45 vs Epsom next Sunday and Sloths vs OCs on the 12th.