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Sirens 2 - 0 Teddington 6s (H)

26th September 2023

By Jenny Ashworth

Team: Ava, Tracey, Tessa, Katie, Kate, Lisa, Jenny, Nao, Victoria, Jo, Monica, Anna, Sarah and both Claires.

First league match this weekend for the super Sirens after the summer hiatus and we started in style. After a good warm up we set up on the pitch ready to show off the silky skills we have been learning at training. The attack started strong and we were quickly up in our attacking D, dominating the play. After several near misses we were awarded a penalty corner, pushed in by Monica to Victoria who tucked it away nicely on the back post, one nil!

Teddington upped their game after the reset and pushed hard back into our defending D. Great clearances from the back line pushed the ball back up to the front where we won another penalty corner, and once again scored, this time with Jenny sliding the ball past the keeper from the top of the D. Set play practice is paying off!

We continued to fight hard in the second half, continuing to dominate play and keep the ball in our attacking half, several more shots but none quite able to find the target. Some brilliant defence from Tracey, executing the "crab" move Tarek has been teaching us, and winning a back line reset - this for many was the highlight of the game!

No goals from either team in the second half, the Sirens sat down to teas very pleased with their victory and three points! Bring on next week.

Buzz Award for the match goes to Tracey for getting her stick stuck in her short corner mask

POM to Jenny in midfield