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Sirens 0 - 2 Old Kingstonian 3s (A)

6h November 2023

By Anna Mayhead

Contrary to expectations we were able to play the match without being rained on.

There were a couple of debuts - Laura up front and Isabel in goal.

The opposition started fast and it took us a little bit of time to switch our brains on. The defence did an excellent job keeping the ball out of the goal. 

We had a couple of chances the other way but sadly spend a lot of the first half running back and forth between the two 23s.

The second half saw us venturing into the opposition D more frequently and our passes were finding each other. There was also plenty of crabbing on display. The newly termed banana run was attempted but foiled by the opposition.

Sadly we were unable to stop one of the attacks and it ended in a goal. A little later a save by a foot of an outfield player resulted in a flick being given. This just flew past the goalie’s stick.

No more goals were scored but the rain continued to hold off.

It was a shame we lost but it was lovely to welcome some new players to the team and there was cake after the match.