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Sirens 3 - 1 Old Cranleighan 7s (A)

16th October 2023

By Tracey House

A full team arrived at Surbiton High for our away game with another guest GK - this week we had the wonderful and versatile Helen Waugh. Abbie and Emma from L9 were also joining us, and Tessa from B2H.

We started brightly but OCs pressed hard and the first 15 minutes was tight and a bit scruffy. Traffic meant a slightly late arrival for Emma but that didn't seem to matter as she stormed onto the pitch and quickly scored our first goal. The defence worked well to keep out the OC attack with Helen marshalling us clearly. Emma scored another goal just before half time which buoyed us going into the break.

OCs pushed hard in the second half with some short corners just missing the target. Tracey stopped a ball on the post hopefully more by judgement than luck! Helen was throwing herself on the floor and saved a great shot. OCs scored early on in the second half but Surbiton continued to use the space and pass well. A goal line scramble saw Jo score her first goal of the season. 

Final score 3-1 - a great win.

DOD: Emma for getting a green card

POM: Nao and Emma