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Sirens 4 - 2 Cheam 3s (H)

27th February 2023

By Tracey House

Team: Aashima (GK), Tracey, Laura, Kate, Victoria W, Suz, Claire J, Lisa, Surge, Jenny, Monica, Jo, Jax, Anna and Victoria T

Welcome to Aashima, playing her first senior ladies game!

It was a late start at Surbiton (4.40pm in the cold and dark), and we were very lucky to have Tarek coaching us. With a new defensive format for the game and a new Jo/Jax combination mixed into the forwards, we were ready to go.

Sirens started out strong and positive with a variety of attacks into the D. The new backline format worked well with balance, flexibility and fluidity. There was good communication and we kept the oppo out of our D. Anna broke through with a great goal, followed quickly by two more from Monica.  We were moving the ball well and keeping our shape. Half time 3-0.

Tarek shared some pointers for the second half and we started confidently. Cheam got through our defence after 13 minutes and continued to play well. Then Surge broke through with a fantastic goal after 20 minutes – but Cheam were still pressing. They scored again but the Sirens held on for a 4-2 win. 

The team played brilliantly together!  A fantastic game followed up by a fab Sirens social with singing, dancing and (of course) drinking (apart from Cleo!). 

Goalscorers: Anna, Monica (2), Surge


POM: Surge (but it could have been anyone!)