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Surbiton Sages 3 - 1 Teddington Flamingoes
National Cup: Tier 2 Round 1

27th November 2023

By Sinead Goodden

It was the second attempt at national glory for Surbiton Sages on Sunday. Once we had dispatched OCs and Guildford to Oaken Lane, warmed up and had some wise words from Coach Spuggie it was first pushback to Teddington. With two subs (which was two more that the opposition had) we felt the advantage should be with us so it was a shock when they scored from a well worked short corner in the first few minutes.

But… the Sages were not going to be defeated… we had a crowd of supporters to impress. Val, in her new midfield role, hassled the pants off the opposition and won the ball back repeatedly. Fee distributed the ball far and wide and Ruth Fraser scared the opposition with her hard hitting.

It wasn’t long before someone won a short corner and Ruth Fraser smashed the ball in to make it 1 – 1. Some quick counter attacks kept the defence interested – Annie making agile saves, Ellie put in some hard tackles, Louise made some stunning interceptions and Claire wouldn’t let her player get away from her.

There were more chances up front with Anne Macartney getting into fantastic positions on the post and in front of the goalie. It wasn’t long before Mandi made a breakthrough and had a one on one with the goalie, but composure is her middle name, and she slipped the ball to Anne who tapped it in to make it 2 – 1.

With some calm and insightful words from Spuggie at half time it was time to go and make Teddington’s lack of subs count. There was slick passing all over the pitch and numerous chances in front of goal. Ruth Fraser went for a goal from an almost impossible angle which took the goalie by surprise and allowed Anne another straightforward tap in making it 3 – 1. Ruth Banks did her usual - got into superb positions and posted up for her team mates. Philippa showed her versatility playing on all three lines – she had a magnificent shot on goal which hit the post!

The game finished 3 – 1 and the Sages cruise into the next round at home on 10th December.

Thanks to the players, Coach Spuggie and all the supporters who turned out on a cold and miserable November afternoon.