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Men’s 2s 2 - 2 London Wayfarers 1s (H)

16th October 2023

By Scott Evans

J20 Communication: M2 end with honours even against London Wayfarers 1s

Tom Beaumont PC (there are no ‘own goals’ in hockey these days)
Scott Jones PC (finally finding the net at his fourth attempt)

POM - Jonny Gall

DOD - Scott Evans

After a week off for coach Frankie, he was back for Tuesday training which consisted of one goalie and Willie talking for ten minutes. No one really understood what he said, other than calling people ‘old’. Communication is key, as the skipper would talk about at the weekend. Oh and Billy didn’t make it through another session, something about a paper back.

Anyway on to the weekend, Caspar returned from Durham/OGs/Edinburgh and Jonny was back from his extended loan spell in the M1s. Apparently those injuries in the 1s from Southgate AWAY had all but disappeared for Wimbledon at HOME. Earlier in the day, the M3s had kept up their 100% record with the returning Will Haspel scoring two goals after his break playing rugby. Probably stick to hockey – especially the week before your England trial.

There was some confusion before the game about the meet time…was it 14:15 or 14:30? (we’re not used to early starts at home). Anyway, three people turned up late… Not much happened in the game (apart from yours truly getting a green card) but an own goal and a Scott Jones push earned the M2s a point in a 2-2 draw. It was nice to see ‘glass ankles’ Birdie on the side line supporting. He wasn’t the only extra supporter, as Teddy brought a ‘friend’. Not sure if that was the reason for his air shot in the final quarter, but the dribble before it was nice.

After the game, Skipper Rhys, who was still wearing the ARMband around his shin, wasn’t happy. Apparently there was a lack of communication which he thought would be fixed through a few J20s together and a sugar high (other brands are available). To be fair that is better than some of his other suggestions. However the communication didn’t improve after the game as there was more confusion over the top quality showers… Anyway the M2s look forward to a late away game vs Indian Gymkhana next week, with a full squad to select from. Hopefully it won’t rain this time, the pitch won’t be flooded and Billy will find his top.

Scott Jones scored the second goal for the M2 (Image: GMW Sport)