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Magnets 3 - 4 Old Cranleighans Hamstrings (A)

4th April 2023

By Mark Waller

Scorers: Michael, Waller, Beaney R

Our final game of the season was against our near neighbours and local rivals, OCs. In recent times this fixture has been marred by ill discipline and frayed tempers on both sides, making the games unnecessarily unpleasant. It is therefore a pleasure to report that this was probably one of the most enjoyable and close fought matches of the season, the result of which could have easily gone either way. Even when the Magnets found themselves 3-0 down at half time we didn’t feel as if we were playing too badly. The difference was that OCs took their chances, including some really smart finishes, and we didn’t.  

The second half saw a transformation in fortunes as the Magnets started to ratchet up the pressure and gain the upper hand. Amazingly, we scored three well-taken goals and found ourselves level pegging. It was only an unfortunate mishap in defence that enabled OCs to sneak a fourth. Despite continuing to press, the Magnets were just unable to score an equaliser. A draw would have been the ideal result after such a contest, but OCs were good for their victory. 

The real winner here was the spirit of Masters hockey and the restoration of harmony between two well-matched sides. Everyone came away having enjoyed the fixture, which is as good an ending to the season as one might wish for. 

It just remains for me to say thank you to everyone who has played or umpired for us this season, as well as all those in the background who work hard to organise umpires, pitch bookings and match teas. We have a great club and these unsung heroes form part of its backbone.