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Men’s 2s 4 - 1 Guildford 1s (H)

23rd February 2023

By Tim Deakin

(A match report slightly later than Mattie to a meet time, but a lot quicker than a Nihal match report).

3-1 HT (3 goals in Q1)
4-1 FT
Goalscorers: Doidge x3, Dan H

After a pre-match call to arms by Jamma to take the game to the opposition and “win me corners,” Surbiton dominated possession and created three early PC opportunities, with Doidge stepping up and converting all three, leaving Guildford shell shocked/shouting at their goalkeeper.

A quarter time team talk from Jamma, with another plea for “more corners”, that despite lots of control never arose, meant Doidge couldn’t keep scoring and despite being reduced to ten men for two minutes due to some mild dissent (I am still confused), Surbiton headed into half time 3-1 up after conceding a late corner.

Arj had a momentary blip towards the end of the game, leading to a yellow card that the match reporter did not see so can’t comment. However Arj managed to get one of their players to go off with him to create an exciting five minutes of 10 v 10 hockey, to reignite the game. Following a couple of great reaction saves by young Matt S in goal, a classy finish by Dan sealed victory.

It was great to welcome Dylan back after injury, and to see so many U18s (x 6) hold their own against one of the strongest teams in the league.

We go again next Saturday against another strong side in Richmond.

DOD: Deaks (sorry I won’t ask any questions again)

POM: No idea (sorry, I was being anti-social - surely it was Doidge)