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SHC Lionesses 2 - 3 Cheam (A, Cup)

30th October 2023

By Sammy Reed

First half: The match started strong from the Lionesses considering our warm up was a little more relaxed than Cheam’s. There was silky passing, numerous circle entries and some lovely triangle play between the lines of the team. An early goal from Carole meant morale was high and the team were playing with confidence.

After realising we were playing against a strong Cheam side we knew we needed another goal to keep us in the game. 

The defence did well on stopping any short corners going in until one was saved by Charlotte on the line with her arm meaning a penalty flick was awarded and Cheam had equalised. 

There was some sexy team hockey produced by the lionesses to give Carole the chance to slot another past the goalkeeper making the score at half time 2-1 to the Lionesses. 

Second half: Unfortunately that didn’t last long past the half way mark. The team started a bit sleepily which the opposition took full advantage of and Cheam scored to equalise. Once the downpour of rain had stopped the Lionesses got their focus back and were doing some great passing all the way up the pitch. The circle entries were plentiful however the ball couldn’t seem to find its way into the net. 

Sadly Cheam were the ones who came out on top and scored another giving them the 3-2 win and making it through to the next round of the Cup. 

POM: Marlijn for her awesome saves and diving all over the place

DOD: Sammy for her slight wardrobe malfunction