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Ladies 6s: Season Review 2022/23

4th April 2023

By Val Beveridge

Short and sweet - we got promoted last season and started the new season with 2/3rds of a new (and very welcome and hugely appreciated I hasten to add!!) squad. Too often we didn’t get the results our performances merited despite being super competitive. We lost count of the “almost wons”. But, we had a squad of absolute heroes… super heroes in fact. So here’s my massively contrived shout out to our amazing squad this season. 

Poppy Power!!! Well she already has the super hero name. Her reflexes in goal would obviously suggest she’s Spiderman but she mostly channels Frozone from the Incredibles – super cool and rocking the gangsta vibe. Good luck at Bournemouth Pops. X 

Sinead may need someone to explain to her who Deadpool is but she channels the straight talking anti-hero so well. Always refreshingly honest she manages the defensive D with Alan Sugar-like brutality. Most likely to fire herself though as very tough on herself. 

Sammy would be our Moon Knight. Exhibits many split personalities on the pitch going from super sedate and calm with ninja-like intercepts to super anxious and excitable when the Oppo have the gall to run away with the ball. She’s dishing out our End of Season fines though so I shall heap nothing but well deserved praise on her. 

Jess is our Ninja warrior in defence being able to effortlessly shave tackle opponents or lob metaphorical shurikens at the umpire depending on how much pent up anxiety she has from earlier umpiring of high level mens’ games. But with her big heart firmly on her sleeve she’s the Kung Fu Panda of ninjas. 

Alex channels Captain America because she’s just so darn polite. Phenomenal slap passes, gazelle like movement and Duracell bunny energy all to the soundtrack of please, thank you and sorry. 

Grace is working on the London Tideway, essentially the new Super Sewer, meaning she’s spending a mostly nocturnal life in the (thankfully clean!) tunnels beneath London. Taking even further inspiration from The Batman she has clearly modified her stick with super power tricks to exceed the standard 36.5 inch reach as her tackling is phenomenal.   

Katie was a very welcome new recruit to the team courtesy of being a colleague of Fee Fitch. Rarely seen on the pitch at the same time as Fee can only mean she’s Superman. Her MOM wins to appearances ratio is amazing. Would no doubt be even higher if bug-laden, small school children weren’t her Kryptonite. 

Fee should clearly be Clark Kent following the above analogy but she’s actually our Mrs Fantastic with the same alliterative style name (Fee Fitch) as Reed Richards. She can stretch her hand to any position on the pitch and brings wisdom and strategy that is hugely appreciated. 

Maddie. Second half of the season afternoon games meant we could spring Maddie from Epsom. Probably just as well as not sure the school would believe another Saturday morning “dental appointment”. If any of her teachers are reading this that’s obviously a joke!! Maddie is our friendly, tame, house-trained Terminator who proves really impossible for opponents to stop. We all hope “She’ll be back” as she starts a gap year this year. 

Nina. How wonderful to welcome Nina back to the Super 6s. No contest, she is Wonder Woman, without the misogynistic 1980s bikini combo and boomerang tiara obviously. It’s not easy juggling the childcare with a hubby who’s a hockey coach/player while also bossing the midfield. Her amazing Amazonian strength means the oppo merely bounce off her as she’s definitely not body checking them. (cough, cough). 

Millie joined us as allegedly a defender but soon displayed outstanding expertise in the centre midfield role absolutely bossing distribution and negating opponent’s CM threats. While clearly not a cuddly, blue, talkaholic, it’s her magic in midfield that makes her our Genie. 

Rosie has been a slow grower in the Ladies 6s. Joining us with as much confidence as Boris Johnson has humility and self awareness, she’s been our sleeping lion, growing in confidence with each game. She is now our Black Panther with Vibranium at the end of her stick for those bullet goals. 

Liv has been a fabulous addition to L6s when not on a ski slope (pretty much every alternate weekend). She is a white powder addict. The right kind I hasten to add! Her ability to casually carve through the moguls of opponents while never losing the ball from the end of her stick suggests Magneto-esque magnetic powers for hanging onto the ball. Perhaps her control of metal explains her unique darts prowess?!?! 

Livvy wins the dubious prize for least games available all season due to illness, injury and far too healthy a social life. This makes her our Invisible Man. Awesome when on the pitch, just sadly too infrequently. Best of luck with the A levels and impending Uni-life. x 

Ffion has embraced Surbiton and the Ladies 6s with an infectious energy and determination to have a flippin good time. She does at times find the playing surface a little slippy, causing her to fall over, get pushed over, take out opponents etc. If Miranda were a super hero then that’s the badge we’d give Ffion. Instead she’ll have to settle for Wolverine as her ability to recover from injuries sustained even in the warmup (rolling both ankles!) suggest a super human immune system. 

Sophie has earned the team’s Golden Stick with most goals scored. This is no surprise as her stick is clearly imbued with the power of Asgard. Just like Thor’s Mjolnir Hammer her goals are like lightning bolts.  

Neve. For every multiverse with a Thor there needs to be a Loki for balance and Neve brings the mischief in bucketloads. She has graduated from pool colt to fully fledged member of the squad with her hard work, determination and ridiculously cheeky streak where she pops up everywhere, either forward or midfield line just causing mischief with her amazing talent. 

Val. With a not so mild tendency to overthink things and also being the grand daddy of the squad, Val is the Professor Xavier of the team. Just trying to be wise and in control but with a vocabulary more akin to Billy Butcher it’s surely the mind control that’s kept the umpires' cards in their pockets. 

Jen as befits her role as Captain and all round legend is obviously our Iron Man. Her massive heart is visible to all and she wants nothing more than to try and fix everything with whatever tricks she has at her disposal. Hopefully we as her caring and appreciative squa  have been the titanium suit around her protecting her from all the challenges this season has thrown at her. 

We have also had the following legends help us out throughout the season and express our gratitude to then all: Ceci RT (officially adopted!), Eve S (7 game legend!!), Marlijn, dJ, Amy F, Amber C, Imogen D, Iona M, Jade C, Hana B, Annie C, Chloe H, Claire A, Becky T, Maisie D.