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Ladies 5s 0 - 3 Spencer 2s (A)

14th February 2023

By Lily Craigen

Just another grey day in London and the majority of the fabulous 5s were unimpressed that yet another game was held in Battersea. Inconvenient. However our resident DOD Craigen was overjoyed by the short commute to the game as she could lie in and catch up on some much needed sleep after hitting Clapham Town the night before.

Surby lost their flair at the start and unfortunately two lucky lucky lucky counter attacks from Spencer meant we were two goals down within about five minutes, however we were determined not to let this get to us. Then another went in and we were slightly sweaty.

Finally we switched on and started to play our game but unfortunately no matter how many short corners we had, we couldn’t convert.

A way better second half but the score remained 3-0 to Spencer.

Congrats to our amazing colt Mia for her great play down the line - winning POM.

Shock I was DOD again for being hungover, however I would’ve awarded DOD to Maisie for attempting to start multiple fights or the oppo’s umpires for some questionable decisions.