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Ladies 4s 4 - 3 West Hampstead 1s (H)

13th February 2023

By Izzy Dunster

The tenacious 4s were ready to play West Hampstead on Saturday. They were raring to go from the warm up… many thanks to Strachan’s musical ear.

The game kicked off with intensity from both sides, a cracking goal from Sian, but unfortunately the furious 4s were 3-1 down at half term.

After grouping together discussing tactics, and an unusual IKEA bag incident, the 4s were ready for round two. The girls came out fighting with absolute determination, forcing the opposition to feel the pressure, resulting in two green cards in the space of two minutes and leaving West Hampstead down in the dumps. Surbiton took this momentum and ran with it, some more than others running into two yellow cards for Ciara and Amelie but this did not rattle the winning mindset.

Cheering from the crowd and two more worldies from Sian and one from Cecily, the furious 4s were victorious, ending the game 4-3.