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Ladies 2s 3 - 5 Sevenoaks 1s (A)

27th February 2023

By Sophie Tait

After a good few wins under the belt, the girls arrived at Sevenoaks raring to go.

We started strong, dominating possession and giving Sevenoaks little room to play. A lovely build up play resulted in a short corner, with a beautifully executed routine (we stuck to the plan this week). Ellie deflected the ball into the net and we were 1-0 up.

The girls continued to lead the game, with some great fast play up the sidelines. A lovely aerial from Pip led to Jessie winning another corner. Having had plenty of space in the first corner, Noa dragged the ball hard to the bottom left, with Denison scoring the rebound. After a little discussion between the umpires, for what reason still nobody knows, the goal was given and we were leading 2-0.

Onto the second half and again we came out strong, despite not many decisions going our way. Sevenoaks won a questionable corner and converted, bringing the score to 2-1. A quick reaction from the 2s lead to a counter attack and another short corner. We, again, stuck to the plan, with Lottie Ross deflecting it into the top corner…. Will was over the moon, with us having tripled last season’s corner conversions in just one game!

With Sevenoaks getting rather chirpy and sending in a few high elbows, they managed to claw back to 3-3, then scoring a fourth with five minutes to go. Surbiton took the keeper off to boost outfield numbers, but Sevenoaks pressed high and hard. With a corner at the last play, and Tait realising you’re not allowed to wear the keepers helmet for a short corner - Sevenoaks scored the final goal of the game, taking it to 5-3.

A great (first half) performance for the girls against an experienced physical team. Unlucky to not have kept the lead but lots to learn for Cambridge next week!

POM: Lottie Ross & Josie Hippe

DOD: Sophie Tait