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Junior Match Round Up: 3rd December 2023

5th December 2023

By Nat Pirie

Girls U12 Matches

Tigers vs Teddington
Great win for the Tigers, beating Teddington 10-0. Goal scorers were Amelie G x3, Rosie x2, Ella, Cecily, Elle and Holly which were assisted by Amelie x2, Rosie, Lysia and Elle. Goalkeeper didn’t have to do too much in the game and only needing to make one save to keep a clean sheet. Congratulation’s to Amelie G for being selected as Player of the Match.

Panthers vs Richmond
Good game for the Panthers against Richmond, winning 6-3. Goals scored by Darcey E x3, Lara R x2 and Jess L which were assisted by Jess x3, India, Emily and Jonesy. Great saves by the keeper, over five saves made to keep the team winning with such a lead. Congratulations to Isobel G for being selected as Player of the Match.

Servals vs Wimbledon
Another win for the U12 girls, well done to the Servals for beating Wimbledon 2-0. Great game for everyone, the keeper making four incredible saves to keep a clean sheet and well done to Ebba and Flo for scoring goals. Overall a great job to the team and congratulations to Issy C for being selected as Player of the Match.

Girls U14 Matches

Eagles vs Hampstead & Westminster - click here for the full report

Sparrows vs Teddington
Well done to the Sparrows for beating Teddington 3-1. Goals were scored by Issy x2 and Sophia. Unfortunately, the team did not have a goalkeeper, but Chinny decided to take one for the team and kit up in goal! She made two very good saves and kept her team in the lead. Congratulations to Iris O for being selected as Player of the Match.

Hawks vs Blackheath
A very tough but well-played game for the Ospreys against Blackheath, drawing 4-4. Well done to the team for fighting till the last minute with only 11 players, the goal scorers were Sophie, Jess, Clarissa and Lulu. Great saves made by Phoebe H in goal and congratulations to Clarissa for being selected as Player of the match.

Ospreys vs Old Cranleighans
Unlucky loss for Ospreys this weekend against OCs, game finishing 1-3. Well done to Arabella for scoring a goal from a rebound. Iris did a great job in goal making around eight incredible saves and the team agreed that she deserved to be selected as Player of the Match.

Doves vs Southgate
A tough match for the Doves up against the same team who they lost 6-3 to in the Cup. It was a very good game for the Doves against Southgate this time around, winning 1-0. Well done to Charlie J for scoring the goal which was assisted by Talia. Well done to the whole team for fighting hard and congratulations to Sofia J for being selected as Player of the Match.

Wrens vs Teddington
Wrens beat Teddington 4-0, a great result for them and well done to Tamsin x2, Phoebe and Chess for scoring the goals. Great saves made from Issy, she didn’t let a single goal in. Congratulations to Saya for being selected as Player of the Match.

Girls U16 Matches

Rovers vs Guildford
Great win for the Mighty Rovers this weekend against Guildford. They won 7-2! Well done to Amy J x4, Rosie D x2, Mowli x3 and Imi for scoring goals. The goals were very much a team effort and every player on the pitch assisted a goal or made one happen. Well done to Campbell for making some incredible saves and keeping the team in the lead. Congratulations to Eliza S for being selected as Player of the Match.

Rangers vs Teddington
Great effort from the Rangers drawing 0-0 with Teddington. Rangers started the game with only nine players and then having only 10 later on they kept going. It’s not easy playing an 11 a side match with no subs, but being a player down is even tougher so very well done to the Rangers. Great performance from everyone on the pitch and congratulations to Ayda for being selected as Player of the Match.

Voyagers vs Guildford
Voyagers faced Guildford for a second time this season, having drawn 4-4 in the previous game. Unfortunately, they lost 2-0 to them this weekend. Phoebe made over five incredible saves and kept it a close game. The Voyagers had so many opportunities but unfortunately couldn’t manage to put the ball in the goal. Overall it was a close game and congratulations to Lexie K for being selected as Player of the Match.