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Junior Match Round Up: 12th November 2023

15th November 2023

By Nat Pirie

Girls U12 Matches

Panthers vs Old Kingstonians
The Panthers took over this Sunday being in complete control of the game and beating OKs 9-1. Congratulations to India for getting a hat trick and to Darcy E x2, Ebba x2, Jess L and Elodie for scoring too. Well done to Ebba x2, India, Jess, Florence O, Amelie S, Darcey E and Olivia K for assisting the goals. The keeper was busy as well though making five incredible saves. Well done to the team on their well-deserved win and congratulations to Ebba for being chosen as Player of the Match.

Girls U14 Matches

Swifts vs Old Kingstonians
Great win for the Swifts this weekend against OKs! The girls worked hard and won 5-1. Goalscorers were Kathleen A, Sophia M, Zara T, Pramiya U and Oliva P. It was a quiet game for the goalkeeper Phoebe H who only needed to make one save to keep her players in the win. Congratulations to Kathleen A for being chosen as Player of the Match.

Magpies vs Wimbledon
Well done to the Magpies for beating Wimbledon 5-0. Goalscorers were Ria S x2, Teddi M, Amy J (from a short corner) and Emily K (also from a short corner). Obviously, the short corner practice worked! Pippa T wasn’t completely out of action making two very good saves and keeping a clean sheet. Congratulations to Amy J for being chosen as Player of the Match.

Doves vs East Grinstead
Doves have been doing really well so far and it was another win for them against East Grinstead, winning 4-1. Well done to the goalscorers: Saffron S, May H x2 and Charley S. Iris O made incredible saves and kept her team in the game. Congratulations to Charley S for being selected as Player of the Match.

Falcons vs Wimbledon
Tough game for the Falcons, unfortunately losing 1-4 to Wimbledon. The team did manage to get a goal though - well done to Daisy S for scoring the goal, assisted by Wiktoria T. It was a busy game for Ava A in goal, she made seven amazing saves. Overall it was a tough game for these girls but they worked hard and played really well together.

Girls U16 Matches

Rovers vs Old Cranleighans
Well done to the Rovers for beating OCs 3-1. Great goals scored by Molly H x2 and Mowlika M, which were assisted by Saran R and Rosie D. Overall a great game for the girls and well done to Scarlett C for defending her goal well and making four brilliant saves. Congratulations to Amber C for being selected as Player of the Match.

Rangers vs Wimbledon
A well fought game from both teams but neither team could score, meaning the Rangers drew 0-0 to Wimbledon. Well done to all the girls who played and to Scarlett C for making some great saves.

Voyagers & Comets vs Guildford
A tough game for these girls, drawing 4-4 against Guildford. Well done to Gabby G x2, Olivia H and Ella S for scoring goals and to Emily S, Gabby G, Martha B and Olivia H for their assists. Goalkeeper Phoebe S made loads of incredible saves. Definitely a busy game for everyone. Congratulations to Gabby G for being selected as Player of the Match.

Boys U16 Matches

Huskies vs Ipswich
A thrilling game for the Huskies against Ipswich. At the final whistle it was a 2-2 draw and therefore the match had to go to shuffles, both goals were scored by Dexter G during the game. Well done to all the boys who took the shuffles and got the team over the line to a 3-2 win. William W made some incredible saves during the game and then in the shuffles too. Overall a tough game but well deserved win.