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BU16 Coyotes 2 - 5 Canterbury BU16 (A)

9th October 2023

By Will Hayes

After a strong win against Guildford the Coyotes ventured down the M2/A2 to Polo Farm in buoyant mood, despite knowing that they would face a challenge against a strong Kent based outfit.

The first challenge facing some (far from all) parents was how to deal with the cash-only (well stocked) club cafe; those that tap their contactless Marcus card to pick up their habitual Sunday morning almond latte at Gail's were left disappointed; the only refreshment (for them) coming from the water-cannons dousing the pitch pre push-back.

No matter, shade/sun was found, as the game started with the hosts edging the first 15 minutes as they set up an effective half court press - Canterbury taking the lead through open play on the quarter hour mark. Noah C was on good form between the posts as he moved well making a number of stops. Surbiton began to use the width of the pitch better and it was the familiar sight of Cowling, at right mid, putting on the afterburners to get round the back which lead to Surbiton's first chance, as the ball was played back to the P spot. Despite the slightly bobbling nature of the ball, Fordy, as if he was facing a Mark Ealham/Darren Stevens back-of-the-length ball threw his hands through it and one-timed it into the top right hand corner.

Shortly afterwards, after some interplay at an attacking long corner, Sammie shook off his customary nose-bleed as he entered the D and showed some decent hands to help earn a PC - a nice combo saw Dexter finish at the far post from the resulting corner - 2-1 to Surbiton.

But this proved to be something of a false dawn as the hosts scored first in the second half. Chasing the game somewhat, despite some good early passes from Tom H and James K, the Surbiton side tended to find contact rather than space or width. More Canterbury goals followed with the game finishing 5-2.

Post game, some players decided to de-brief at the 1970's time warp that is Clackett Lane Services where one player completed the dubious feat of a Mcdonald's breakfast and tea; the answer is rarely to be found at the bottom of the McFlurry.