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BU16 Coyotes 8 - 0 Oxted BU16 (A)

27th November 2023

By Will Hayes

The U16 Coyotes went into the winter league break on a high as a slick passing display defeated a youthful, spirited Oxted side. The venue for the key fixture was the top-notch facility that is Caterham school.

It had appeared, mid-week, that full back pairing Sammie and James A had visited the same barbers; requesting the scaffolders-from-South-London-boys-trip-to-Ayia Napa-fade. They seemed to be on the same wave length in keeping things simple and solid at the back.

James A used his frame to good effect, powering in a drag flick. Sammie, less so - the odd challenge being reminiscent of a battle-hardened Whytleafe FC centre back. The umpires, in "firm but fair" mode were keen to let both sides demonstrate their skill and, rightly, penalised any break-down play. That said, one of the umps had what only can be described as his own Jack Leach moment - the game being halted for "mist on the specs". And play. 

Wabi and Toby T appear to use the same hockey shoe supplier - shoes which on the face of it, look ideal - bright white and orange numbers. That said, the choice of shoes come with risk - like the number 3 bat with matching top-to-toe Kookaburra kit/bat but can't get it off the square - best back it up. Results, so far - somewhat mixed. The shoe company, as is the trend nowadays seems to be in a collab (as in the modern vernacular) - the collab brand, seemingly, Heelys - purveyors of roller shoes beloved by tweenagers. This can be the only reason why for the last two weeks the two of them have taken it in turns to face-plant across various astros inside and outside the M25. Fortunately, the shoes do have a turbo-boost setting which Wabi used to good effect and he showed good pace down the right wing and getting round the back to allow Fordy to slot some nicely taken goals. Unfortunately, just as the team worked an opening down the right the shoes, on Toby's model, had switched themselves onto the Bambi-On-Ice setting. He wasn't the only Coyote who decided to take a tumble - James K, in the level of space that most right halves dream of with the time to make a cup of tea and do the crossword, decided to do the splits and nutmeg himself. 

No such issues for Geering as he proved a menace to the hosts, pressing high in an advanced midfield role and using his quick hands and spins to create PCs and open play strikes. Captain Cowling (and family) are on a jug (of Vimto) - a nicely taken hat trick with a slap from the top of the D a highlight.

Many thanks to Oxted for hosting - as flagged, a young side with some skilled players who probably lacked the depth of the visitors. 

The New Year, will see, we think, the Coyotes playing in the Supra-League - the margin of victory means that Surbiton's goal difference superior to the chasing pack. Some Coyotes will be Barcelona bound (a friendly tour at Junior HC), others revising hard for mocks. Many, if not all, will be dreaming of spending the Chrimbo-Limbo period in Crawley to try out their new indoor hockey shoes.