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Women’s 6s 2 - 2 Sunbury & Walton Hawks 1s (A)

18th December 2023

By Helen Waugh

Surbiton Women’s 6’s took a short drive to Sunbury on Saturday to play at the ‘Hawks Nest’ in a rearranged pre-Christmas fixture and boy we in for a treat, just perhaps not the kind Santa brings!

Surbiton started off strong and had a number of attacks before one of Sunbury's baby hawks took flight and caught us on the counter. The game continued end to end, Sammy and Rosie creating opportunities from the back that couldn’t quite be converted. With half time approaching and increasing levels of frustration from the Hawks, Surbiton kept their cool. 

Captain Jen gave us a motivating half time talk, reminded us to keep our composure and go out hard. Thea took this a little too literally making a darting drive into the 25 and taking out their tallest player in the process. Not one who’s easily fazed, Thea played the ball out wide to Aoife, who in turn drove the ball down the line and into the circle straight into a defender’s foot. The resulting PC was slipped right and Thea smashed the ball against the backboard.

The Hawks continued to keep their umpires ‘well-informed’ on decisions, the  distractions allowing Surbiton to take advantage, driving the ball out from defence to Neve who beat about five players for that perfect striking opportunity, and perfect it was; a corker of a reverse into the far corner. 

Surbiton kept up the pressure and composure winning a PC, another decision the Hawks didn’t agree with, the umpire’s ears couldn't take anymore and he finally reached to his pocket; out pops a green card for the offending party. Unfortunately we couldn’t capitalise on the overload and after an innocuous ‘she did it first’ challenge in the middle of the pitch I wagged my finger in disagreement for which I received my own two minute rest - it is the season of giving after all! 

With both teams back up to 11, and five minutes to go the battle for three points was fierce, feisty and frankly a little fractious. Unfortunately the Hawks swooped in during the final moments for an equaliser, their supporters went wild.

So as our half season comes to an end we take a final point, that’s ten games played, four won, one drawn, 19 scored, 19 conceded, three green cards and we sit mid(ish) table! 

POM this week was shared: Rosie, Sammy and Neve

DOD: Helen for the aforementioned moment of madness and ‘sass’