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Vintage Play Easter Game Against Indian Gym

18th April 2022

By Paddy Tripp

Vintage 1 - 8 Indian Gymkhana

Team (all Vintage unless detailed): Frost (Magnets), Harding, Bishop (OC’s), Shiva (IG), Cheng (Magnets), Foster, Kant (India), Sanders (Nomad), Satish (IG), Tripp, Jason (Spencer)

Umpires: Indian Gymkhana

Scorer: Foster, 

A fortnight of trying to get a team out on Easter Saturday was extraordinarily frustrating. The actual fixture was not a help – which proved totally wrong. Having mailed/texted all over the place, we got one offer of help. Luckily IG lent us 2 – so it was 11 vs 11.

Fairly gentle start and then Matt Foster upset the apple cart by putting us in the lead! It lasted one minute. From then on we worked extremely hard but they popped in a goal here and there. The effort put in all round was a credit. But they (again) were a team and we were (as usual) a group of individuals. The game was played mainly in very good spirit – some of the happenings around the umpire were odd - but in general the game was played in good spirit. 

It would be wrong to pick anyone out because everyone put great effort in and really the concession of eight was an unfair reflection of the determination and, in many cases, skill shown by our team. Personally I was unhappy with myself but I left the pitch with head held high for Vintage – thank you all.

Social afterwards was pleasant but somehow they prefer their own company and don’t mingle, but they are very much a “squad” and I have to admit to being somewhat envious of that.

But the reality of the season is that we do not have enough players of the right ages to accommodate the requirements – the attendance figures bear this out. Out of a total of 237 appearances – Vintage 66, Magnets 105, OC’s 29, BTH 1, Mongooses 1,India 4, Nomad 19, Spencer 1, H&W 2, Richmond 2, IG 2, Eastcote 5.