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Sirens 12 - 1 Indian Gymkhana 1s (H)

10th October 2022

By Jenny Ashworth

Team: Caitlin (GK), Tracey, Hayley, Kate, Claire J, Suze, Lisa, Victoria, Claire T, Jenny, Anna, Monica, Jo, Sarah

It was a sunny morning down at Sugden road when the Sirens took to the pitch against Indian Gym. Fresh from an inspiring talk from Captain Tracey (well I assume it was, I was late as usual and may have missed it) the Sirens took to the pitch in style. Indian Gym had the first pushback, only for the ball to be promptly intercepted by the Sirens, charged up the pitch by Monica, and straight into the back of the goal by Anna. A goal in the first two minutes!

After this the goals came thick and fast, Monica scored goal number two off a cross from Sarah, Anna scored numbers three and four, both from the left goal post and Sarah took the credit for goal number five!

The Sirens were absolutely flying, we just kept attacking with our back line being able to push right up to half way - when they had time between goals that is!

Goal number six was a spectacular cross goal sweep from Anna that hit the top of the net somehow, not even umpire Wendy saw how that one managed to go in!

Number seven was a very well executed penalty corner with Monica tucking the ball in past the keeper. The final goal of the first half was another from Sarah.

A jubilant half time talk fueled by jelly babies and we were back on the pitch for the second half. Legs were a bit tired from the first half so it took ten minutes before the next goal came as Monica tapped it past their keeper. Monica also tried for the tenth Sirens goal with a hard shot on the keeper, finished off by Anna.

A slight lapse in concentration, meant that Indian Gym made a lucky break on their next pushback, rushing the ball up past our defence and unexpectedly finding the back of the net.

A hard response from the Sirens to this momentary error gave us a final two goals in the last five minutes one by Monica and a final penalty corner rebound tucked in by Sarah.

The final whistle blew and a spectacular victory score of 12-1 to the Sirens! Absolutely phenomenal play!

Player of the Match was awarded to Monica for absolutely outstanding play, so many goals and assists!

At the other end of the spectrum, the Sirens’ "Buzz" award went to Anna, firstly for a goal that defied the laws of physics, and secondly for failing to start the stopwatch in the second half, leading to the necessity for a note on the substitutions sheet indicating "clock is 4 mins behind".