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Strong L5s Performance Against Teddington 3s

28th February 2022

By Mimi S

Ladies 5s 4 – 1 Teddington 3s

The Fab 5s’ game against Teddingtons 3s started off strong, with Surbiton maintaining possession leading to an early goal from Rosina. We kept a strong press throughout the half leading to a second goal to end the half at 2-0.

After an encouraging team talk we were ready to go again. Surbiton saw an abundance of attacking short corners throughout the game and in the second half scored their third goal from a right slip to Rosina, which arguably was tapped in by Helen on the goal line.

With a 3-0 score line Teddington were feeling the pressure and won a short corner against us from an apparent stick tackle in the D. They played a strong short corner and managed to find the backboard right through Marlijn’s legs. The score was now 3-1 and despite some confusion between Ruth and Simmi on the sideline about who exactly Rowina was (and why Simmi had never heard of her before)

Shak continued making some amazing runs and a brilliant pass to Rosina in the 25 led to her fourth goal in a 1-on-1 with the keeper. Both teams continued to press hard however neither could find any further outcomes. The somewhat eventful game ended with a score of 4-1 to Surbiton.

MOM was awarded to Rosina for her goal contribution and amazing runs down the line.

DOD was arguably unfairly awarded to Mimi (and we will never know why)

We all wish Sophia a speedy recovery.