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Sparticans 6 - 1 Merton 2s (A)

14th November 2022

By Simon Fitch

Scorers: Iffland (2), Sutton (2), Ward, Fitch

Just when Skippy, our supremo, thought that his week of Australian sport couldn’t get any worse, he fell foul of the Harris Academy roulette and directed his team to the wrong one. But just before we all ended up in Mitcham, it all came good and we collected ourselves at Merton’s thankfully refurbished pitch in, Merton. There was no drama, but we all feel for Belly as he had to listen to last year’s captain rabbiting on about standards slipping ad infinitum.

This modest drama out of the way, we were determined that we wouldn’t have a repeat of our last game against Merton where hockey was certainly not the winner. And we played ok all round. A strong start saw us 2 – 0 up in no time, and then a third was added. We were a bit out of sorts though and their goal just before half time was deserved enough.

The aforementioned Skippy delivered his usual, measured, tour de force at half time (last year’s skipper’s motivational speeches are not missed) and we won the second half 3 – 0.  We should have scored more, they could have had a couple but three points it was to us.

Post-game was eventful, as ever. We showered at the school in changing rooms even warmer than the sandy pitch. Some of us retired to their homely clubhouse for some old school pizzas. Others, scared off no doubt by Mike NCP Street’s portents of parking ticket doom, left us to it.

Moment of The Match was hard fought, but eventually won by Steve’s rifling last goal. Spartican of The Day was even closer, with history being made by the deciding vote being given to Steve by the opposition captain. Matt was last heard chuntering around life being unfair, nice guys obviously come second sometimes.

So a good team effort all round, in the glorious sunshine. In Merton, not Mitcham.