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Sirens 2 - 2 Berrylands 1s (A)

17th October 2022

By Monica Samuel

We were slightly apprehensive today as we didn’t have our team manager/leader/boss playing with us. Alongside this we only had one sub! But with an organised Victoria leading the team we knew what to do, when to do it and rallied on.

First half, we focused on our defence. We played hard to change this but had a gap between our backline and forwards that we found hard to fix.

Jelly babies, oranges and encouraging words to ‘play our own game’ at half time and we went back on with a game to win!

Two goals down in second half, when Kate took it for the team with a massive whack on her shoulder. She saved a goal though!

We then upped our game, breached their defence, filled the gaps and pushed forward to score two goals in quick succession.

Jacqui powered through many a player, Cleo and Surge ran, stretched and fought for every ball. Laura on form - definitely worth the long drive she’d had! One huge team effort with lots of skill on display.

No DOD or Buzz awarded today as we showed super team play, using skills from training (thanks Tarek), making space and drawing 2-2 after a great game.

Go Sirens! Brilliantly captained Victoria. (Come back soon Tracey!)