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Men’s 6s Remain Top of the League

21st March 2022

By Toby Thompson

Men’s 6s 6 - 1 Old Cranleighans 4s

Surbiton’s first goal came from a brilliant pass from the back to the top of the circle and was finished off with clinical precision by Ravvers.

Tony’s muttering from the back wasn’t heard by the normally alert defenders, allowing the opposition forward to break through and score a somewhat slow shot into the middle of the goal; Tony was nowhere to be found. He later redeemed himself with an uncharacteristic diving save and a suitably concise team talk at half time.

Surbiton’s smooth play was hijacked by the numerous cards given out. Stoner got his standard card for his off the ball mischief.

The team’s smooth passing resulted in Wingers being free at the top of the D, only to miss with a powerful shot wide. 

Rob Stone’s signature low hit in the corner gave Surbiton a goal from a short corner.

After a lot more swearing and barging in the D, we were awarded a short corner. With Ben being substituted, Trevor stepped up to inject, but it was slightly misfired. 

Noakesy put in some energetic sprints down the line leading to some dangerous opportunities for Surbiton.

JJ was clearly Man of the Match for his consistent tackling and level headedness as well as stopping any opportunities they presented.

Another great result and Surbiton remain top of the league.