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Men’s 6s Complete Comeback Over Cheam

24th January 2022

By Tom Baynton-Williams

Men’s 6s 4 – 3 Cheam 2s

Scorers: Wingfield, Stone, Burns and Foster

So, battle commenced after the Festive break with the Men’s 6s welcoming Cheam to the show pitch. In the first match, we comfortably won, so confidence was high… perhaps too high.

A bitty warm up, consisting of a few of us arguing over whose shirt had shrunk the most over Christmas, was summed up by Saity getting tackled by static piping and TBW receiving an impromptu wash from one of the pitch jets.

This set the tone. Whilst Surbiton had most of the ball and much of the game was played in Cheam’s half, we just lacked the all-round quality to trouble the scorers.

Finally, the evitable happened… a Cheam breakaway leading to a goal for the visitors. 0-1.

With half time nearing, a tidy finish from Wingfield from the tightest of angles gave both teams a share of the spoils after 35 minutes.

Despite the interval’s rallying cries, the second half started with more of the same: the home team having all the ball but not being able to convert chances. And, again, against the run of play, led by a lad dressed up as Maximus Decimus Meridius, Cheam snuck through and we were behind.

After some glances and swearing at each other, we camped in their half once more and were rewarded by a goal from Stone.

BUT the Russell Crowe wannabe wasn’t finished for the day, and he broke free again to score. Three shots, three goals for Cheam. Some would question the goalkeeping but he’s a barrister, so I won’t.

With the end in sight, and failing discipline from our guests, we finally upped our game. First scoring through a Burns penalty flick. 3-3. Then the scoreline was completed via a quick free hit pass from to Dye to Foster, who riffled a reserve stick shot crunching into the backboard. 4-3 up. Phew. 

Highlight of the game: Burns getting stick tackled, stopping (but no whistle), laughing at the villain protagonist but then dribbling straight off the pitch. Cue: everyone else laughing. Classic stuff.

Next up, the needle match against Surbiton 5s. Not only a fight for barroom bragging rights but also an opportunity for the 6s to close the gap at the top of the league on Teddington. Game on!

*For those interested, the answer is Jason Foster (the winner of the biggest shirt shrinkage – A Very Merry Christmas)