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Men’s 2s 5 - 1 Oxford University 1s (H)

26th September 2022

By Dylan Parry

On a pleasant Saturday afternoon the Surby 2s kicked off their season with a late pushback in a first ever national league outing against the students from Oxford University.  It was a game between two promoted sides - the champions of London and the winners of the new South Central region. As well as the hockey, there was excitement as Shnu had finally, after a few years, decided as Social Sec to actually organise a social of 's**t shirts' and the promise of drinks with the Ladies 2s postgame. Everyone was instructed to bring their cologne and Shnu even brought his toothbrush.

As we started there were shouts from the sidelines of varying levels of humour about Cambridge University. The early phases were not what you would call ideal, as we went one down very early on, causing a bit of panic from the now not so rowdy crowd on the hill. We then switched on and reined them back in, and just before the quarter managed to get the goal back as Jevans squeaked one past their keeper.

With positive words from Jamma in the short break, we went into the second quarter ready to get back at them. A flurry of goals then proceeded in what in the end was a dominant display - truth be told, I don't have a scooby who scored all the goals but four more went in to the dismay of their coach who stood powerless on the sideline. I'm told that we ended with five different scorers opening their league accounts - James E, Scotty E, Doidge, Dan H, and Beanhead. The game finished 5-1 (I think) and we all filed back into the dressing room ready for showers, beers and super teas before a long night of national league celebrations.

Overall a very pleasing first game of a new season and we move on with high hopes. Next week we travel to the depths of London (Lee Valley) to face a Saturday evening game against a strong Wapping side in their manor.

POM: Dan Hunt

DOD: Schnu / Buckle