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Men's 2s 1 - 5 Guildford 1s (A)

10th October 2022

By Scott Evans

We don’t like Sundays (games).

After the smooth journey across to Lee Valley last weekend, the team were looking forward to a short trip to Guildford, well, other than Birdie and Shnu. Only 15 minutes for Bartram and apparently the real reason he moved to Cranleigh rather than the popular belief Daisy had told him to.

The 2s being the friendly and club team that they are, decided to loan three of their young stars to the Men’s 1s this weekend (fully deserved Dan, Mattie and Dylan, but can we have them back next week please). Rumours of a trade of three jugs seems like a very poor deal in hindsight. A few of the 2s went to cheer on the 1s lads on Saturday evening. Although Pearny was a bit bemused by some of the 2s’ diets… apparently a couple of jugs and a cheese burger to sober up isn’t recommended the night before a game.

The lads received a humbling team talk from coach Jamma who did at one stage compare them to the All Blacks… a point that the skipper unfortunately took too literally and received a 10 minute yellow for following the coach’s instructions.

Guildford is a peculiar place, that or they are trying to save on the ridiculous bills this bloody government think anyone can afford. They have a water based pitch but are not allowed to use the water cannons and have four TVs none that could be turned on to watch the football. Oh and carpets in the changing rooms. That being said it was sunny, a fairly good crowd and no vehicle fires on the way home.

The game didn’t start the best and didn’t really get better for the 2s although there was one nice bit of play where Beaumont chucked a 100 yard aerial to Nihal who cooly slotted home on his debut. The team battled hard but were let down by a silly yellow card from the skipper and were outclassed this time by Guildford - well played. We look forward to the return leg on a Saturday evening at Sugden Road on the water.

The majority of the team had a good dressing down from Jamma (not literally, safeguarding) whilst Rory was treating a young lady to a drink in the bar.

Some key take aways:

  • Jugs and cheese burgers aren’t the best prep.
  • Sundays are for roast dinners.
  • Where is Rory?
  • Goughy needs a new bag.
  • Carpet in a changing room doesn’t work.
  • Don’t let Glyn send out stats during the week (the run of the 2s not losing in the league was ended by Guildford in match number 48 after nearly three years).

POMs: Ore & Nihal
DOD: Scott

Next Saturday (thankfully) we play Richmond at 5pm at home, in a clash of the coaches “Jamma vs Gooders”.

It is also a Ladies & Men’s 2s social at the club… time for Shnu to step up…