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Men’s 2 5 – 1 Wimbledon 2s

20th September 2022

By Dan Hunt

Men’s 2s Beat Wimbledon in Pre Season Game

Saturday 10th September: Surbiton ≈ 5 (can’t remember if that’s right) - 1 Wimbledon

A beautiful and sunny evening set the scene for the final match of Ryder Cup Saturday and the ~Surby Invincibles~ now known as *Surby London League Champs* assembled and wrapped black tape around their arms (much to my confusion - I now know it was because of the death of the Prime Minister).

We headed out for our second pre season game against a terrified Wimbledon side marshalled by Jimmy Culnane. The team also welcomed back Rory after his years away at Uni and he was later named man of the match – although that seemed to be in large part due to claims he had a ‘quick pint’, which everyone wanted to see (well played though and good to have you back).

After strict instructions from Jamma, the press was set and it didn’t take long to start putting Wimbledon under pressure and win our first PC. As agreed in the huddle beforehand, Doidge would flick the ball straight at their keeper (former Surby M2 legend Mark Haycroft) for Buckle to put away on the rebound. His‘first goal in years’, could this be the start of many more to come?

More good hockey was played until a gorgeous on field passage of play resulted in Bean smacking another goal past the goalie’s head.

The second half began and we were playing down the hill toward the crowds (although the hill wasn’t as populated as the week before with Durham’s coaching staff). We continued to play well however at one point Ore was lobbed which was entertaining for the crowd. Arj roofed a PS to the cheers of the supporters behind the goal.

As the match came to a close and most warmly shook the hands of the opposition and the questionable umpires, there was a slight controversy over a particular member of the Surbiton side who it is speculated claimed he was ‘too good and too famous’ to shake hands; an official statement is yet to be released.

After the match the team celebrated and Mattie relaxed in the changing rooms – rumour has it that he was there for Rhys but this has not been confirmed.

The team look forward to their next warm up match on Wednesday night against a strong Richmond (from our EH East Conference and coached by Gooders), followed by a Sunday double header away in Bedford against the home side and Uni of Nottingham 2s (who both play in EH Midlands Conference).