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Ladies 6s 1 - 3 London Wayfarers 5s (H)

27th September 2022

By Alex Palmer

A new season, a new division, and a new team. The Ladies 6s had the first game of the season at home against London Wayfarers 5s. The first half was looking very positive after a great start, and a 1-0 lead scored by our forward Sophie. Everyone looked well playing together despite being our first game and that we all learnt names during warm up.

A close second goal nearly came from a set up by Val for Claire, however Claire was a little ambitious with the height a lifted the ball right over the goal. Nice idea though to lift over the goalie!

There was some great defensive play and our goalie Poppy made some terrific saves but unfortunately London Wayfarers managed to sneak a goal in to level at half time.

Great start to the second half, but another goal was sadly missed, there was a beautiful cross from our forward Jade to Val, who missed a perfect opportunity and in her own words the goal 'was a complete sitter' (this was my vote for DOD rather than my unfortunate mishap).

Well into the second half my award for DOD now comes into play when I had a slight lapse as to which end we were attacking (baby brain still very much present) so while the Ladies 6s were defending in our own D I appeared to assist London Wayfarers in attempting to score an own goal. It was when I was about to swing for a hit I realised what I was doing and attempted to style out a mishit and turn around but it was too late, everyone had noticed.

Unfortunately two more goals were conceded giving London Wayfarers a 3-1 win. The score did not reflect everyone's efforts. Onwards and upwards for the next game and the rest of the season.