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Ladies 5s 1 - 0 Spencer 3s (H)

22nd November 2022

By Lily Craigen

Saturday 19th November, what a day to play some hockey. Following on from some successful scores over the last few games the Ladies 5s were eager to beat Spencer 3s.

Never seen coach Billy up so early in his life, although kudos to him as he wasn’t hungover like some of our players… cough cough Claire and Sunny (who was partying it up in Hackney on Friday night and claims to have left after only two shots!)… gosh, can’t believe anyone would ever turn up hungover to a game - I certainly wouldn’t!!!

We seemed to have a full adult team (p.s. miss you our super fit colts) and after not being able to water the pitch we realised it was going to be very bouncy and hard to trap balls.

The game was pretty intense and fairly equal. We had Lisa and her silky skills running circles around the oppo, Charlotte smacking balls all the way from our back line up to our forwards, Emma sprinting back and forth posting up, Claire very unsubtly pointing out to the umpire as she wins us a short corner… woooo!

A few corners came our way but no goal yet.

Jen was covering all areas on the pitch, Captain Emily or should I say Usain Bolt was sprinting through everyone, Lilsipoo was limping around the pitch after taking a ball to the foot, Lily H trapping balls left, right and centre.

It was half time, still 0-0, but Billy was happy with how we had played thus far (thank god).

Spencer had a fair few short corners and Marlijn was making some cracking saves. At one point I heard Sunny going ow ow ow as she limped around our defending D, usually us 5s try to be subtle when we know we have given a foul but apparently it was too painful to hide. Sunny only went on to go and save the ball on the line! Legend.

Great composure from Chloe at the back as we could always trust our transfer, linking very nicely with Beckie and Bethan in the mid as we passed the ball around Spencer.

Now, the moment we were all waiting for, after a lovely interception from Jen at the oppo’s 16 and a beautiful pass to Ruthie I saw her swing. I thought ‘there’s absolutely no way she can get it in from that angle’ … I was wrong. 1-0 to the fabulous fit 5s.

Opposition had a little strop as they knew they were running out of time. Another incredible save on the line from our mighty full back Scar and Surbiton had ended with a big W. Hurrah.

A few shout outs to take away from Saturday…

  • POM: Lisa, unreal skills
  • DOD: yours truly, Lilsipoo for leaving my kit all over the pitch
  • Umpires: the family Aldous duo with their headsets (thanks for not giving out any cards)
  • Match teas: Thai - honestly a 10/10
  • Bar: plenty of beers after