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Ladies 5s Pipped by Wimbledon 4s

8th February 2022

By Livvy B

Ladies 5s 1 – 2 Wimbledon 4s

At the beginning of our match against Wimbledon, it started off with a high intensity from the opposition, which we had to readjust to with a 65m press – closing in on the centre backs and pushing the ball wide. From here we’d shift as a unit and close in on the ball at the sideline. This was a very effective press in many cases where our opposition had to pass the ball around the back to find gaps where we weren’t occupying, resulting in us closing in at the D or intercepting at sidelines.

We held a strong position in the run up to half time with many opportunities to score, either by being awarded a short corner or some attempted shots on goal.

However, after half time our intensity dropped and we were unlucky to have lost the ball in their 25 and faced against strong counter attacks, where we conceded two goals.

Learning from this, we altered our man marking in the back four and the forwards were more maneuverable for opportunities in the D. This allowed us to get a short corner and score a goal via a slip to the right, then back to P spot. The goal was well deserved for our hard work and adjustment.

POM: Marlijn De Jong

DOD: Olivia Bristow