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Ladies 5s Fall Short Against OKs

1st February 2022

By Charlotte Gallagher

Ladies 5s 0 - 2 Old Kingstonians 1s

Pumped by a thorough warm up and rousing pre-match speech by captain, Emily, we were ready for action. Apparently, however, so were OKs and they immediately put pressure on our defence and gave us very little time on the ball to make decisions.

We were guilty of taking a little too much time to set up at times and OKs profited by scoring a quality deflection from a quickly taken free hit just outside the 23. At this point I earned the DOD nomination. Having declared pre-game that I always get confused with the lines at Oaken Lane I promptly took the resultant centre pass from a random 7 a-side white line. I would like to point out that neither umpire stopped me (surely that earns Andy a nomination) and that Billy had gone to the wrong pitch but hey, make the new girl write the match report... I'm not bitter... much!  

At half time Billy whipped out his white board and gave us some tactical improvements to make. We also knew we needed to move the ball on faster and ball pace needed to be quicker – these may be targets going forward.

However, more simply perhaps we should have stuck with ‘mark the centre mid out of the game’ as she promptly dribbled round a number of us to play a ball into the D that was slotted home for goal number two, although there may have been a suspicion of a bit of football along the way.

During that second half we had a number of attacks down the right wing and started to get more outcomes in the D. We grew in confidence but were unable to put the ball past their keeper. All in all, we could have played better.