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Jokers 2 - 1 Wanderers 4s (H)

17th October 2022

By Jon Milsted

So I have to confess yesterday's game remains a little hazy in my mind. After a night "celebrating" Oktoberfest in style, the 10am push back was always going to provide a worthy adversary, one that I conquered. Alas, avoiding DOD was one step too far. So here I am bringing you the report of a game I barely recall.

We did win so that is definitely a positive, although I suspect few of our spectators will be talking about this game for years to come.

It was nil-nil at half time. Need I say more about the first half? Well actually yes. It was cagey, a little low on quality hockey. I know Big Tony would certainly have me recall in detail his double save midway through the half, one with his legs and one on the gloves I think. Keeping us in the game.

We had a few chances the other end, I suspect JJ would want me to tell you of the pass across the goal that yours truly was nowhere near tapping in. I was heading out for the angled pass back I’ll have you know (well I could have been, who really knows).

Wasn't long after Tony "the Cat" Haycroft‘s double save that one of the Wanderers players' stick took exception to Harry's head. A follow through flooring our industrious forward. "We have a bleeder". With some First Aid from Messrs Stoner and Ben the offending wound was quickly bandaged. Resembling Terry Butcher from 1989 (the younger members can use Google for that one) Harry pops up and for a minute there I wonder if he's going to try and play a la the infamous defender... but no, a trip to the walk-in centre beckons and off Harry goes.

With some tactical tweaks at half time to better connect midfield to attack the second half got underway with the Jokers in the ascendency. And finally we found a way through. A sharp turnover from Roger and some quick passing through the midfield found Trevor unmarked in front of the keeper. No trouble for our lethal South African striker as he slotted it away.

A second goal followed. Some great work from Stoner as he weaved his way through the defence for the ball to become nestled under the keeper. We eventually dug the ball out for Trevor to get his second of the game from a yard out. Nice.

And that should have been it really. They weren't really giving us much trouble as Mills and JJ at the back kept pretty much everything out and we continued to probe at the other end. Special mention to Roger who completed a lovely mazy run, beating first a couple of players and then the keeper himself. With the goal there asking to be hit, the excitement clearly caught up with him, as he opted for a top corner pile driver to end his move. He missed obviously. I probably didn't need to add that.

But it wouldn't be us if we didn't keep it interesting. With three minutes to go they got a short corner. They made a mess of it to be fair, but somehow with a mis trap and two fluffed passes they got around the side and managed to find someone on the back post to tap it in. Oops.

Cue a couple of minutes of, "we can't possibly draw this can we?". And no we couldn’t, thankfully. They didn't muster much and that was it. Not particularly pretty but a win is a win.

Player of the Match for me was Tony. We were solid enough and deserved the win. Harry has had his head glued back together and could perhaps sport a Harry Potter scar that could provide a sideline income for years to come. Two wins and two losses so far would suggest we're middling the league so far. A break next week and then we go again.

A huge thank you to umpires Matt and Barney for their officiating.