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Jokers 0 - 5 Barnes 3s (A)

14th November 2022

By Rob Stone

Team: Haycroft (GK), Hey (Capt), Mills, Balbirnie, Kuipers, Bowen, Hardy, Mallinson, Hodges, Bloxham, Baynton-Williams, Stone, Burns, Foster

Umpires: Theirs, thank you

As I stood at the Cenotaph this morning; the poignance of Remembrance Sunday was not lost on me nor any of the thousands who attended.

Saturday, however, was a day and a game to forget.

The Men’s Jokers assembled their Dad's Army at Barnes' the Richmond Park School venue; a new but dreadfully slow pitch.

Captain 'Jim' Mainwaring cajoled the troops with the help of Sergeant 'Big T' Wilson.

Corporal Jones, a butcher in the show could have been any of our back three but I’ll give it to TBW. We even had a place for a dour Scot, Private 'Jabba' Frazer.

The game started brightly with the Dad's Army passing the ball well and crucially running into space. Several great opportunities were spurned and their keeper pulled off a couple of good saves.

We were full of good intentions for 15 minutes but sadly as the game progressed we lost control and the young and competent Barnes team began to exert more pressure.

Two down at half time. Jim and Rich both with torn fetlocks.

As we resumed the dark comedy began. Missed passes, second to the ball, no shots, no corners and no first touch. Our youngest Private 'Harry'. 'Don't tell'em the score' Pike.

Lastly, my part, Mrs Mainwaring. Paranoid, domineering and reclusive; in fact never seen! Not my best game.

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." WS Churchill

Dr Rob “Mrs Mainwaring” Stone