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GU14 Ospreys Are Comeback Queens in Taunton

22nd March 2022

By Paula Leech

Girls U14 Ospreys 4 - 3 Taunton

The sun shone down on Kings College, Taunton. A nervous buzz filled the air as the Ospreys had a team chat and warmed up for the Tier 2 Semi-Final against Taunton Vale. The emotional rollercoaster was about to begin.

It was a slow and nervous first half for the Ospreys with the girls struggling to find their stride. They faced a tough attacking team conceding three goals within the first 20 minutes – Taunton were relentless. It was going to be a tough game against a strong opposition.

As they ran back holding their heads high, they geared up for the next start. Millie received a solid pass from Mana, ran it forward and passed it out to Xanthe. She sprinted past two defenders popping the ball down the line to Indiana who ran with determination, cut in and hit the ball across goal to see it go firmly into the back left corner.

Half-time whistle!

Coach Lilie gathered her girls around. The inspirational talk remains a mystery to the spectators, but the girls had been given their orders and rallied together.

Ten minutes into the second half, defenders Taylor, Freya, Imogen and Amelie had their hands full. Surbiton’s defence cleared the ball down the line, Indiana picked it up, ran it down and scored – the team was in the game and giving Taunton Vale something to think about.

More pressure on Charley and the defenders as it was another short corner. Taylor made a magnificent stop on the goal line and it was then Amelie who stepped up to keep the goal clear by forcing the ball out. Madelief picked it up, transferred to Marie who in turn passed to Daisy to look after the ball. Coming under pressure, Daisy passed to Anna who ran the ball neatly into goal.

3-3 – the parents were full of anxiety at the thought of going to penalty flicks, the girls were buzzing, this is what they had been training for.

Excitement bubbled around the pitch and the determination was clear. Lucia received the ball, passed to Jaime who looked after it until it reached the goal… 4-3 up! Could they hold on?!

Taunton Vale took a short corner, Charley felt the anticipation in the air and without hesitation, leaped across and used her stick to clear the ball away. The game moved back to Taunton’s end and Surbiton won a short corner of their own. The post was hit but cheers erupted as the final whistle blew. What a game, what a team and what a coach! Lessons were learned and in the wise words of Lilie Lamacraft, “You’ve got this; we go again”.

Looking forward to April 3rd when the girls travel to Cambridge to play in the final of the competition.