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Sparticans 0 - 1 Old Kingstonians 2s (A)

21st November 2022

By Simon Fitch

Surbiton’s Sparticans suffered a rare reverse on OK’s Blue Pitch on Saturday. We started as we left off last week against Merton, and we could have been 3-0 up after 10 minutes. But, in a portent of what was to follow for the remaining hour, the ball sadly wouldn’t go into the net. We hit the post, we put many wide, all our many, many short corner regimes worked until the final delivery, their keeper had a blinder and at least two were saved off the line. We can probably stop there, you get the drift…

At the other end, midway through the first half OKs put away a breakaway, and we never commanded proceedings in our own half as we should have. Frustrations grew and grew as the game meandered to an OK’s victory. At least we get to play again later in the season.

Skippy left nobody with any misapprehensions around our shortcomings in a post game team talk. As one of our sage members noted, good teams win and lose together, and that’s exactly what we did post game. In the absence of any teas, we decamped back to home territory and enjoyed SHC teas. 

Eventually the shock subsided and a lively debrief followed. Moment of The Match went to our leader, actually for multiple moments but mostly for his after match dressing down. Highly commended went to Jimmer for a truly unique passage of play where he successfully tracked his opponent around the pitch. Without his stick. Spartican of The Day was awarded to the Gaffer, an unused substitute who had to watch what I’ve just described. Truly above and beyond the call of duty and a worthy winner.

We always have one of these games every season, so good that it’s out of the way and we can move on to greater things.