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Vintage Defeated Away at Amersham

15th November 2021

By Paddy Tripp

Vintage 2 – 5 Amersham & Chalfont Grandmasters

Team (all Vintage unless detailed): Tipper (Eastcote), Harding, Bishop (OCs), Sukhdev (Eastcote), Sumal (Eastcote), Saunders (Eastcote), Ismudan ”L” (Eastcote), Paterson, Gorbett (Amersham), Lowe, Hitch, Tripp.

Umpires: Eastcote

Scorers: Tripp, Ismudan ”L”

Another very weird week when my computer and I were busy with emails, texts and Whatsapp – God help me. At least Trevor at Amersham did – thanks.

Firstly introductions and then the action – first 20 minutes fine – possession: Vintage 80% Amersham 20%. All looked pretty easy. Then they got to our circle for the first time and, heavensalive, they scored.  It stayed about equal for the rest of the half except when our centre forward (at the time) received a perfect pass from Hitch and didn’t stop it with his stick.

Half time was worries of Ross’s muscle – instructions to pass to our own payers, don’t just push it, fire hard into the circle for a chance or a short. But they did differently and we conceded two more goals whilst losing Ross because of his muscle – we were still the better side but they did not understand that. Then “L” fired hard into their D at the keeper and our oldest player managed to put his stick in the way and deflect it past the guy with pads. 1–3 – yes that is reversible but no. They scored again.  We gained yet another short (the sixth) and this time “L” smacked it home. Yes that is reversible… but no. They scored again.

Pleasantly sociable in the bar but we still gave a game away and we can’t change that.