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Super 6s Make It Three From Three

12th October 2021

By Giselle Cooper

Ladies 6s 3 – 1 Sunbury & Walton Hawks

POM: Ellie Hatch – glorious goal and amazing work rate

DOD: Giselle Cooper for being an excellent player in socks, who needs shoes anyway

A big shout out to our many wonderful supporters – Nina and bump, Ruth, Louis, Emma, Emily, Jackson and the many parents who came to cheer us on! We wouldn’t be here without you!

I would like to thank Val and the captains of the teams in sorting out the fantastic line up of players we get each week. We really couldn’t do it without you guys!

So we arrive at a very busy Oaken Lane, the first challenge is there is nowhere to park but this does not faze the Super 6s.

The second challenge is our fantastic captain Lily… but vast improvement on previous weeks with balls and the first aid kit making it to the pitch. Great, the warm up can commence: Lily takes us on a half marathon and Sinead is her usual enthusiastic self and makes a remark along the lines of needing to reserve some energy for the game. It must be the new skort slowing her down.

Lots of players having a welcome debut for the Super 6s this week so the atmosphere you could say is a little tense and no one is really sure what’s going on… but thankfully Tarek is there to sort out the starting line up.

The whistle goes and we are off – to be honest I didn’t realise they had scored in the first half but I was also apparently on the pitch, clearly adding so much value I didn’t see how this was possible.

It’s hot but our young fit players are going for it, as usual Evie is running rings around everyone and scored a cracker of a goal. New member to the gang Liv also a superstar doing all sorts of fancy tricks that they didn’t teach in my day.

The backline doesn’t know what a half back is but apparently that’s the left and right back. Tiff consistently stays on her feet but second half she does start colliding rather a lot with the opposition’s centre forward. Jess T stays calm and collected until the last five minutes when their players are taking to large swings of the stick and missing. Sinead was more focused on the length of her skirt than complaining too much so vast improvement. Sammy R it was a pleasure to play at the back with you again, you did those nifty little picks again!

Can’t forget Poppy Power who as usual is calm and collected in the goal, I am not sure we have been told off yet for doing something wrong.

The middle line is up for it as I previously mentioned with Liv and Evie but we can never forget Fee’s skills, I do wish I was that talented doing turns and all sorts. Lily tries a slightly different position this week by being not in the middle and isn’t convinced that’s her place but stormed on nonetheless, please do tell us your mileage. Maisie also had a run in the middle only occasionally losing her positioning – hardly surprising with all that running and the hair flicks.

The forwards – Jen, Ellie, Bethan, Cara and Val – are doing turns and winning shorts galore, doing reverse hits and running down that baseline. Clearly the short corner practice has also paid off. The forwards really are having a super season so big shout out to them!

Fee did have a little lie down on the pitch but it was hot so probably thought she’d get a tan. Thankfully she is all fit and well!

The final score was 3-1 so another win in the bag for the Super 6s!