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Super 6s Make it Four from Four

19th October 2021

By Lily Craigen

Ladies 6s 3 – 1 Teddington 5s

POM: Bethan Baxter
DOD: Lily Craigen

Pressure was on this week for the Ladies 6s to bring home another big win after what has so far been a successful season. 

Thank goodness Captain Craigen had delegated giving the balls to Gizz Cooper as there was no way she was arriving at the meet time she requested, must’ve been a wild night in el Clapham on Friday. With about five minutes to go until pushback, our lovely Jen Sesseman (who was also on the Prosecco the night before) realised she had left her mouthguard in Earsfield, so had to go for a quick shopping trip in Kingston to find a replacement – bit of a nightmare start but this did not faze our more organised members of the super 6s. 

Honestly the game is a bit of a blur but here we go…

With Teddington having first pushback we had a great start with Bethan instantly intercepting the ball and going for goal! Yay go Bethan. Linking up with our other amazing forwards Cara and Maisie, we had a couple of opportunities in their D but sadly none were converted… yet. After putting on pressure for a good five minutes, Teddington had a lucky counter attack, and managed to work the ball up the whole pitch, eventually tapping it in the goal, uh oh, 1-0 down but we wouldn’t let it rattle us. 

About 15 minutes into the game, Jen had finally made it back from her shopping trip and as if the day couldn’t get any worse, the heavens opened. We had Liv and Sophie Dye making some super fast runs down the wings with Lily attempting to hold the middle (whilst worrying about not being able to actually see the ball with last night’s mascara dripping down her face). 

Sammy Reed (clearly having had enough of the current scoreline) decides to take matters into her own hands during the long corner, dribbles it into the D and bang… TOP BINS. And in her own usual casual style, strolls back to the half way line as if nothing exciting had happened, the rest of the team in shock about this worldie of a goal. 

This is where Teddington were starting to get scared.

Half time had arrived, the rain had stopped and Tarek was giving us a great motivational speech as we munched on our sweets.

Second half saw some unreal hockey being played. Our backline were on fire. Distributing the ball left right centre. Gizz surprisingly staying very composed, Sinead and Jess not arguing, result! Tiff managing to stay on her feet, congrats! Also shout out to Jess Tallent for a nifty save on the line.

Some great saves from our epic keeper Pops – still wanting her to shout at the team and give us a bit of grief from time to time though.

We were working well as a team despite the miserable weather. Tarek seeming a little more stressed than usual, wanting us to get the ball in the goal. We had Maisie sliding around the pitch (yes Maisie, not Tiff for once!)

50 minutes in. Bethan’s outstanding work rate chasing the ball down the pitch, a pass to Cara for a first time slap from the baseline and Sophia, our newest recruit for the Ladies 6s, managed to find the backboard. Sophia you are welcome back any time!

2-1 and we were all relaxing a little more, but with only two minutes to go, we wanted to hit the nail in the coffin. Goal three was almost exactly the same as goal two so I don’t need to describe it again, but a great team goal and a second for Sophia. 

Seconds later the whistle went and we could hear the cheers from our supporters on the sideline. Thanks for watching legends!

Final score 3-1 to Surbs’ most fun ladies team – happy coach, happy captain, happy celebrations afterwards on the beers.

Shout out to Giselle for managing to keep her shoes on for the full 70 minutes.