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Sparticans Take on Magnets in Final Season Friendly

17th May 2021

By Simon Fitch

Sparticans 6 – 1 Magnets

Scorers: Fitch O (2), Fitch S, Curtis C, Street, Bell

An enjoyable run around to mark our last game at Sugden Road, and a final hurrah this season for our younger players given their ineligibility (by over 20 years in some cases) for the upcoming O35 games at Teddington).

We started okay against the Magnets and Belly quickly proved his worth on his return with a well-taken reverse stick goal. We then rather took our foot off the gas until 20 minutes in, but in the ensuing period before half time added four goals without response, with Lewis once again showing that he hasn’t inherited his father’s special skills with a sharp finish and the Fitches contributing three between them.

Half time came and went and then the second half meandered somewhat. Fair play to our club mates as they regrouped and brought the game to us. We managed to miss quite a few chances, Belly managed to win the ‘Moment of The Match’ Lynx with some comedic moments, Mike put in a flick and frustratingly we conceded a goal. The sky then turned very dark and Ray and Andy – thank you very much for umpiring – brought proceedings to an end.

Post match was another triumph. We debriefed fully and Will was deservedly awarded Spartican of The Day. As the jugs flowed in our groups of 6, hopefully for the final time, we also brought the team’s FA Cup Final challenge to a close in the tent. First conceived by Fitchy Jnr as a lockdown challenge, everybody had two attempts at winning and eventually Matt S took home the gift set – much to the Leicester owner’s relief. Thanks to the pizza-buyers for extending our evening further, and to all at the club including our inestimable kitchen for the great service and atmosphere.

A great final fling, then. Whilst we were dining out on a very successful post-Easter period in the marquee, the rain turned biblical. Here comes summer...