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Sparticans Score Six Unanswered Goals Against NPL

18th October 2021

By Andrew Bell

Sparticans 6 – 0 NPL 1

Scorers: Grant, K (2), Fitch S (2), Iffland (1), Sutton (1)

Despite the weather forecast predicting grey skies and a cooler game time, the Sparticans arrived at Sugden Road to rain. Fortunately it wasn’t the same experience as our previous sodden home game, and with the pitch nicely watered blue skies and sunshine came through for pushback.

An intense first 10 minutes saw the Sparticans stride to an early two goal lead as a result of a well worked team goal and a direct strike from a penalty corner. The first goal appeared to bode well for some sparkling team play as the ball was worked down the right side and along the baseline for a cross to the spot. The goal was so well setup that Iffland could have had his eyes shut when he slotted the ball into the goal.

Unfortunately, after Kev powered home a trademark direct hit from a penalty corner, things rather dried up for the remainder of the half as we became a little disjointed in our play. Some good defensive hustle from the back four managed to ensure that NPL never really settled into the game, and Lee was solid in the goal mouth literally taking a raised ball off the striker’s stick on one occasion.

With the smells of jerk chicken wafting over from the BBQ the Sparticans refocused on finishing the job. In short order Fitchy showed exactly what he was talking about in the half-time pep talk, and Sutton learnt from his first half experience to slot home on the first attempt off a short corner rebound. Kev and Fitchy worked their short corner triangle to perfection, an easy finish for Kev to grab his second goal and make it a very comfortable margin. The sixth goal was a fantastic bookend to the game, Gary took a quick hit after a defensive short corner, the ball moving quickly down the right side line before Fitchy slotted his second. This makes the golden stick interesting with Iffland, Kev and Fitchy all on five goals apiece.

With a great result in the bag we retired to the Marquee of Dreams for the usual: excellent teas of a standard that can’t be found at any other clubhouse in our league, and good company as we dissected the finer points of health and safety (Apples?). With a bye week to recover we look forward to travelling somewhere other than Croydon for an away game at the end of the month.

A big thank you to the Cobras for providing both umpires.