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Sparticans Hit Double Figures At Wimbledon

1st November 2021

By Matt Sutton

Sparticans 10 – 0 Wimbledon 6s

The Sparticans put in a frightfully good performance and sent a chilling message to the rest of the league with a petrifying 10 nil away at Wimbledon... right, enough of that.

The day started on a negative note with the late withdrawal of Fitchy, and the lack of a suitable last-minute replacement meant we were going to be with 12 for the game. Back in the day this wouldn't have been an issue, but with the average age of circa 46 (minus junior Ward) this could have created a problem against the much, much more youthful Wimbledon team – but you see how it turned out.

To the game then and we totally dominated from the start with decent passing and movement keeping the ball away from our oppo. It wasn't long before we created our first chances and was only a matter of time until the first went in thanks to a default PC from Kev. The second followed quickly, but only after some excellent direct and skilful play from Wardy Junior culminating in the ball ending up with his Dad for a deft sweep into the back of the goal. The third came quickly with a defensive error gifting the ball to Kev who went passed another defender, rounded the keeper and slotted the ball home with conviction.

Sparticans were now enjoying themselves and playing their best hockey of the season so far, connecting on the pitch effectively, efficiently and ruthlessly. Matt Sutton, after being hacked to pieces a minute previously copied the same direct play but this time finished low into the right corner for the fourth. We finished the first half five up with another goal from Kev, through the keepers' legs (I think). 

In the first half the oppo’s best player was injured for the rest of the game in what is the most uncomfortable way for a chap, but jokes aside we were glad to see he was okay after the game.

I'll be brief with the second half review as really it was total domination apart from one or two moments that were ultimately dealt with by our truly excellent defensive unit of Jimmer, Matt Anderson, Gart Grant and Mike 'On the Street' Street. JRA, the MWTFN is our floating defender-cum-midfielder and is taking to the role nicely, ensuring defensive duties are handled but also ready to supply killer passes to enable scoring chances. 

To the goals now and Selfish Steve (quoting directly from our recent WhatsApp chat) got on the score sheet twice: 'I had two opens in the second half. First bought some space backwards and squeezed it. Second was the pass pass pass goal from the back,' which I think summarises it nicely. 

The other three goals in the second half were as follows: slick move from defence with JRA passing to Matt who found the same space low to the keeper’s right. Jimmer (I think) to Steve, Steve to Matt, Matt to goal and finally another PC with Kev (very kindly) passing to Matt who found more space between the keeper’s legs and 10-nil it ended.

A clean sheet then, which was never really in doubt thanks to Andy Belly's total control at the back of the midfield diamond and Save It Lee's solid kicker being useful on a couple of occasions.

Back to Wimbledon's luxury clubhouse and spa-style showers (Masterplan 2024 committee take note!) for our debrief, which was initially a let-down as we were informed that our teas (of pie, wedges and beans) had been cancelled for some unfathomable reason! The generous hosts and kitchen staff however knocked up some delicious pizzas and a special Nando's style dish – all gratefully devoured. 

Spartican of the Day: Matt Sutton

Moment of the Day: 4-player end to end move resulting in a goal (which is odd because we seemed to forget a 3 player move that ended in a goal).

Scorers: Sutton x 4, Grant K x 3, Steve x 2, Wardy x 1.

Special mentions to Andy Bell for finding the fence again, the obligatory Matt Anderson moment and Wimbledon's catering staff.